Switzerland Trip Building in Zurich

Switzerland Trip Building in Zurich, Tarun Chandel Photoblog

Another beautiful Building in Zurich.

Zurich is rich in architecture, you will see many beautiful buildings while walking down the roads and small streets (strasse) of Zurich. The city has near to 50 Museums (if you are one of those Museum geeks) but Zurich also has some very old buildings, nearly aging 400 years or more. I had dinner at a Restaurant in Rindermarkt named Oepfelchammer which means Apple Chamber in English. The building was built in 1801 and used to store Apples. The room in the basement has not changed since then and is a famous traditional eating joint in Zurich. Thanks to my friend Hanspeter, I had a traditional Swiss meal called Hackbraten, it was very delicious. Oepfelchammer is a traditional German restaurant and doesn't have menus in English, so it is better to go there with a friend who can speak German :)

The real beauty of Zurich is in the small streets that run parallel to almost all the roads. There are shops on either side of the streets and as you stroll leisurely through these streets, you can experience the real culture of Zurich. Though German is the most common language among the local people yet you can find people who know English. I found people of Zurich very warm and friendly, you can interact with them irrespective of the language barrier, just try :) I interacted with a lot of people and survived the whole trip with a single German word, Danke (Thanks)!

Tarun Chandel

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Bhavya said...

Hey Tarun,

I am totally convinced that UK overall in not less then a heaven!
My Jiju @Swiss & Cousin @London had been sharing the pics & been telling me how lovely following places are:
Swiss, Interlake, Paris, Venice, Pisa, Rome, Jungfrau, Basel, Lugano & Lausanne.
Try and visit most of them.
Let me know if u my Jiju & Cousin - Ravi could be of any help to u in ur stay.
After all it a nice feeling to meet and interact with Indian’s in a foreign land.

Unknown said...

-->Bhavya: Oh no, no no to call UK heaven would be too big a statement. There are some very good places here but they have their share of problems as well. And most of the places you have metioned are in Switzerland, France or Italy not UK :)

Hey sure, would love to meet new people :)

Bhavya said...

LOL… “NO” went into an infinite loop.
Felt like heaven, having been seen pics of Glasgow –Scotland & Bristol, London –England & heard that it’s a place where u discover peace...May not be for every one.
I mentioned those places, so that if u get time could travel there & witness its beauty and capture some in our camera which they did, as total drive frm UK to France would be 2 hrs and UK to Swiss 10hrs approx :)

Anonymous said...

That is an amazing shot!
I love your blog, really amazing pictures.

- Mohit

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