Armadillo, The Clyde Auditorium

Armadillo, The Clyde Auditorium, Tarun Chandel Photoblog

Clyde Auditorium is more famously known as the Armadillo for it's shape. The Armadillo sits quietly on the bank of River Clyde, making it a beautiful sight. Most of the times there is a carnival going around the Clyde Auditorium. As a tourist I found Clyde riverside very interesting and an easy place to talk to local Glaswegian people, who are very friendly and takes great interest in making you feel at home.

The Armadillo is used as a venue for conferences, concerts and other public events. As I have mentioned before that Glaswegian people love to add a touch of art into things, Clyde Auditorium could have been just another building but they turned it into a piece of art.

Tarun Chandel

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