Ah dinnae ken

Life has a funny way to teach you. I thought I had learnt my lessons from Glasgow, captured its beauty in my photographs and soaked its culture and hospitality in my soul. I thought I knew Glasgow.

Yesterday Alistair Morton wrote to me correcting me that I had marked some of the famous places wrongly in my blog. Woops!

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Tarun Chandel Photoblog
What I thought was The St. Mungo Museum is actually Glasgow Royal Infirmary it is now a Hospital.

Strathclyde University, Tarun Chandel Photoblog
What I thought was just another Glasgow House is actually a hall used by Strathclyde University for graduation ceremonies. It was once a Church Hall.

I guess I messed up the pictures and my travel notes. But lesson is learnt that Ah dinnae ken. Ah dinnae ken is a Scottish proverb that means “I don’t know”. I need to keep this perspective of I don’t know and seek more knowledge. Thanks Alistair :)

Tarun Chandel

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