Sukhdeep at Aperitweat

Sukhdeep at Aperitweat, Tarun Chandel Photoblog

Sukhdeep at Aperitweat!

Tarun Chandel


moksh juneja said...

calm and composed. upload this picture no . you will never get this image again in one lifetime.

Unknown said...

--> Sukhdeep: Are you satisfied? Jitni teri pics click ki hain aur kisi ki nahi ki. Hopefully you liked it.

Rehab said...

Pls put this on he is not like this in real life...serene and normal..koi bhi ladki pat jayegi!!

Sukhdeep said...


no complains bro :)

amazing job done !!

@moksha and @rehab

take the case forward..and keep me updated !!

Anonymous said...

That is an amazing shot!
I love your blog, really amazing pictures.

- Mohit

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