Fullmoon, Tarun Chandel Photoblog


Sitting in a cold night and staring at the vast and bright sky.
The moon is shining through the night smiling gently
as if acknowledging the attention that it is getting for being the brightest thing in the dark sky.
Night is so quiet all the birds are sleeping,
there are few dogs but they are also quiet may be it is because of the cold.
The place looks so still, though there are some people roaming around but they are hardly a distraction.
The noise of train passing by is audible in the background but only if you really concentrate.
The cup of hot tea in my hands feels heavenly
and warmth comes back to my body, as I take the next sip.
The wind is starting to blow again, making my teeth titter.
The fire is starting to burn bright as I put some more dry wood into it.
I can hear that someone is singing an old melody at some distance.

Tarun Chandel

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Ketan said...


Raj said...

Looks like a rotten watermellon or an old basketball :)

Unknown said...

--> Ketan: Thanks! Sometimes I get lucky :)

--> Raj: no dude it is a full moon.

Anonymous said...

That is an amazing shot!
I love your blog, really amazing pictures.

- Mohit

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