Go for a spin

Go for a spin, Tarun Chandel Photoblog

Tarun Chandel

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Deepali said...

I'm surprised you didn't get any of those blue sweeping lines at the 'front'.

Unknown said...

@Depaali: Very keen observation, I am impressed. The reason that you don't see those blue lines is that the Blue lines are not there in the front :)

The effect is result of the delayed aperture trick. The subject is a merry-go-round ride in a carnival. The blue lines are the people riding. They are moving fast and that's why they look like lines. I clicked when they were out of my sight and by the time I completed the capture they had not come in the front.

I had to spend a lot of time in front on the ride and I chose a darker spot so that I could capture the light effects better. But it was all worth it after I walked away with this photo :)

Deepali said...

Well I only play around with exposure never tried anything with the aperture. I doubt my digicam even has a setting for it hehe.

I know the blue lines are people on the ride :) and therefore I assume the seats would be equidistant and therefore there should be blue lines in the front too :D but maybe your technique and waiting for the right moment makes the picture perfect.

Unknown said...

@Deepali: I think there was some some light effects going on in the ride, the rest of the riders were in dark at that time.

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