Lampshade, Tarun Chandel Photoblog

I was trying some random shots inside the house with the Lampshade, trying to get a decent shot without washing out the details due to light. The above shot came out good with proper lighting.

Lampshade Dark, Tarun Chandel Photoblog

I took this shot with lower ISO settings than the above one and it allowed me to get closer to the lampshde. I am not able to make out which one is better. This one does capture more details of the lampshade due to closeness to the object but above one also looks looks mysterious with darkness around it.

Tarun Chandel

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Varun Arora said...
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Varun Arora said...

Second one looks better to me.. has kind of 3D effects...

Unknown said...

@Varun: 3D effect, wow! Really?

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