Belgium as seen from Aachen Vaalserberg

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Belgium as seen from Aachen Vaalserberg.

Aachen is a really amazing place. It is a small town in west Germany. Other than a grandly beautiful cathedral and a classic city center, Aachen is also famous as a place where the borders of Netherlands, Germany and Belgium meet. Vaalserberg, a small hill very close to Aachen, is the point where three borders touch each other, also known as Drielandenpunt.

Vaalserberg is most easily approachable from Germany (Aachen is part of Germany). There is actually a point on the hill where one can be standing in three countries at a time. There is a big tower one can climb to have a great view of three countries (look at last 3 pics in this blog).

The tower itself is in Belgium, I think though I am not very sure. There are small cafes around the tower both in the Netherlands part and the Belgium part, serving authentic food of their country. It is the only place in Aachen where you can get the Belgian Frites :)

Overall as a tourist I was really happy to be at this place. I have always associated borders with lack of peace but on the top of the tower at Vaalserberg it hits you that borders can be about just another line on a map.

Tarun Chandel

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